Hello AppSheet Users, I've been wondering wh...

(Eric) #1

Hello AppSheet Users,

I’ve been wondering why a “key” is necessary and how can I incorporate it into my app?

As of now, I currently have an “implicit row key” which is the row number. This is because every other row is repeated, so there isn’t any “unique row” in my data. However, at the same time I would like multiple users to use the app at the same time without any data loss. What can I do if I have no unique row but yet I would like multiple users to add entries on the app? Thanks in advance.

(Grant Stead) #2

It’s very easy. Simply add a column to your table to house the key. Then hide it, and mark it as the key in the editor, and make the initial value =UNIQUEID()

Appsheet pretty much handles the rest… (You would need to go ahead and manually enter unique “numbers” into your data for the rows that already exists…)

(Eric) #3

@Grant_Stead Awesome, works exactly as you say. Thanks so much