Hello Community, About setting different perm...

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Hello Community, About setting different permission for users? For example: I have different levels of the users, Owner, Manager, Sales for Order App Let say I have 2 Co-Owners, 2 Managers(Team A, Team B), 6 Sales(3 Team A, 3 Team B) Questions on what is the best way to set permission for, Both Owners can view and edit all of the Sales’s records, and Team A Manager can see his own Order and all of Team A Sales’s order, and individual Sales can only see their own Orders

My setup now is using Security Filters to allow Owners to see all data and individual Sales seeing their own using Sales’s email

Thank you for tips

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One option is if you save the team name for your records, you can easily check if the manager belongs to that team.

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@Aleksi_Alkio wow thanks, i’ll do just that

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You’re welcome