Hello community, I am trying to send automate...

(Rajaah Dhananjey) #1

Hello community, I am trying to send automated reports based on a google doc template which contains a table. I want to highlight particular cells as red based on its value. Is there any way do so in the template?

If i create an IF << >> expression within an IF << >> , the if condition doesn’t work ( I am assuming its due to my inclusion of << >> symbols … Is there a specific syntax to do so ? )

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Please show us the syntax what you have tried, thanks.

(Rajaah Dhananjey) #3

My initial thinking was that i could put an if condition and if my condition is not satisfied, i could ask it to return text highlighted in red. I do not know if that concept will work or not … But if i use an expression like follows

Expression :


I get the output as follows :

Output :


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I am unable to add images here … I’ll create a new post with the images

(Rajaah Dhananjey) #5

In case there is a way to achieve conditional formatting inside a table created in google docs ( not google sheets ), that would serve my purpose.

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

If you add two individual space holder with the IFS expression, you are be able to do that. On that template, highlight the first space holder with red and it will work. If the value is more than 5, it will only show the first space holder and vice versa.


(Rajaah Dhananjey) #7

Thanks! I think this should serve this purpose. Will check and let you know how it goes. On a related note, is there a dedicated place where i can study more about creating these templates? I am not able to find a comprehensive resource page for the same.

(Aleksi Alkio) #8

Well… if I would able to share my brains to you, I would glad to do that :smiley: In the other hand, you just need to think because we can’t make documents for all cases. We are trying to do our best, but the loop is endless.

(Rajaah Dhananjey) #9


Is there way that I can use this as a filter? Say i use the condition for all cells of the row

<<IFS([Column]>5,[data to be shown])>>

If the column value is >5 , the data will be shown otherwise the cell will be empty right? Is there a way i can use this in all cells of the row like a show_if constraint?

P.S : Have deleted the previous edit.

(Aleksi Alkio) #10

Unfortunately you need to do it cell by cell.

(Rajaah Dhananjey) #11


I can do that … But is there a way to make template to hide that particular row if all cells of that row are empty?


My current situation is this. I have an audit sheet which will be a “set” of

( 1 yes/no question , more details , an image ) repeated for each work area.

So each row will have a bunch of columns which are YES / NO type and other columns for other details, photos etc.,

In my email report , I want to send an email for each new row in my appsheet form.

My report will have a table where I will show the results of each “set” as a row.

I know how to do this in the google doc template. Just put in all column names in corresponding cell and bam! But i don’t want to show all “Sets” in the same manner.

I want to only highlight those “sets” for which the answer is NO.

I can do this in 2 ways :

  1. Make the corresponding rows in my table highlighted in a nice blood red color to draw attention. 2. Show only the “Sets” for which the answer is NO.

Is there any way to do these types of displays in my report table?

(Aleksi Alkio) #12

Do you have a sample? No need to be exactly but close enough.