Hello Community, I am working on an app to r...

(SmartD) #1

Hello Community,

I am working on an app to record the consumption of articles and assembled products, which are composed of articles. So, I’m recording in a table the consumption of items and assembled products; and in another table the articles that make up the assembled products. Is there some way that all items consumed, either alone or as part of the assembled product, are recorded in a single table, indicating in some column that some items are part of an assembled product?. Thanks

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Yes… you would need to create a related table. You can read more about the structure from this article…

help.appsheet.com - References Between Tables References Between Tables help.appsheet.com

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Thanks for the reply. I reviewed the article, but it is very general. The question continues…

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Basically you are talking about subassemblies, correct?

Your structure would be like this… #1 - the main assembly table, #2 -

Related subassembly/part table and #3 - the related part table. When tables #2 and #3 have references to one above, your structure should be okay. Then you would need one part table where you will have all parts but you can use them as a subassembly as well.