Hello Community I have a launcher where the ...

(Alfredo Pou) #1

Hello Community

I have a launcher where the blue buttons are different filters of the same view. I thought about using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEWS (), instead of creating so many different slices and views, but when I use the expression, it does not support putting the filter in the table: LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW (“View”, [Filter])

But the filter must be inside the expression: LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW (“View”, [State] = 2)

Is it possible to select a different filter for each button? Or should I create a slice and a view for each one? As always very grateful!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Alfredo_Pou, Based on my understanding of your requirement, I believe it is possible to use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW without creating different slices.

The below approach assumes the app has a different gallery type Menu view created on a menu table that shows those menu buttons and the

action LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() is on this menu table.

The expression can be something like

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“View”, [ the column in the view table, the column that corresponds to filters in menu buttons ]=[_THISROW].[Column in Menu Table that has button Names that correspond to various filters])

Exact implementation will of course depend on view and table structure you have.