Hello community! In a dashboard I have a deta...

(Alfredo Pou) #1

Hello community! In a dashboard I have a detail view with the slide show mode enabled. If I touch the scroll buttons, it does not scroll (marked in red), but if I touch the name (Underlined green) it goes to another view where I can scroll. How can I solve it?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Can you check the attached picture again? I cannot see any “marked red” or “underlined green” in the picture.

(Alfredo Pou) #3

A thousand apologies, I selected wrong when loading

(Reza Raoofi) #4

Yes, that seems to be a bug; I could regenerate it on my own app too; navigation buttons do not work from within dashboard view neither on mobile nor on computer browser. Adding @Morgan_Dixon_AppShee


(Alfredo Pou) #5

@GreenFlux Thank you very much, it worked!

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

I tested the same but for me it’s working as it should be. Could you please send details directly to support@appsheet.com. Like your account ID number, app name and view name so we could reproduce the same behavior with your app. Thanks.

(Reza Raoofi) #7

@Alfredo_Pou Did you mean to mention my name in your previous comment and the issue has been resolved? Or that comment was meant for another post and you entered it on this thread by mistake?

(Reza Raoofi) #8

@Aleksi_Alkio I could resolve it in my test this way: Switched Interactive mode ON; the issue happens only if it is OFF.

(Alfredo Pou) #9


Yes, that was the solution! I do not know why Joseph Petty’s comment appears “Removed as spam and only visible to you”

(Reza Raoofi) #10

@Alfredo_Pou Thanks for the update! Hmm; I do not know why Joseph’s response was considered as spam!

But issue should not have anything to do with Interactive Mode; at least we know the solution for the time being.