Hello everybody! I have a question, is it pos...

(Борис Подолякин) #1

Hello everybody! I have a question, is it possible to make a quiz game app in Google Forms with AppSheet plugin? I tried to make a few questions form with answers “Yes/No” in google forms and then prepare it in AppSheet. All questions with answers are listed in preview window (mobile phone), but it don’t want to count how many answers were correct, and how many points did I get. Can anybody help me with this problem please? Thanks!

(Marc Dillon) #2

Yes that sounds very possible. You’ll probably need to setup a virtual column at the end with an app formula that adds up all correct answers. Let’s say the correct answers for questions #1,2,3 are x,y,z. For your app formula you’d need something like:

IF([Q1] = ‘x’ ,1 ,0) + IF([Q2] = ‘y’ ,1, 0) + IF([Q3] = ‘z’ , 1 , 0)

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Or… IFS([Q1] = ‘x’ ,1) + IFS([Q2] = ‘y’ ,1) + IFS([Q3] = ‘z’ , 1)