Hello everybody! This is a question in regar...

(Miranda Lubarsky) #1

Hello everybody!

This is a question in regards to a ref to a non-key in another table.

I have a Column in my Timesheet Form that I would like to be a Ref to Design Numbers for 2018[Tray Size]

[Tray Size] is not the key of that other table.

In the Timesheet Form, in the column that I would like the drop-down menu to happen in, I have set the column type to Ref, selected the Design Numbers for 2018 table.

Then in the Valid-If, I typed the following

Design Numbers for 2018[Tray Size]

It verifies and saves, but then when I try out the form, nothing pops up.

One thing that might be complicating things is that I also have an Initial Value expression in this same column in the form, and that is working great.

But the reason I want the drop down is to give my crew the option of changing the tray size if our supplier gives us something different from what we originally ordered, which is the size that automatically pops up when they select a plant.

Anyway, so the initial value pops up great, and then I click on it to try to change the size and a window pops up like it is going to show me a drop-down menu list, but none of the options are there except for the initial value.

Thoughts on what could be happening?

I have checked to make sure that the Ref column is not hidden or something weird like that.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


(Tony Fader) #2

@Miranda_Lubarsky I don’t completely understand, but a ref column MUST hold a key from the referenced table. It won’t work otherwise. You may want to use a row label to change what’s in the dropdown, or use a deref expression to access some other column once you’ve chosen the ref value.