Hello everyone! AppSheet Office Hours S2E2 is...

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Hello everyone! AppSheet Office Hours S2E2 is posted.

Here’s the list of questions:

Is it better to have multiple tables instead of more columns with Show_If constraints? My app is for job dispatch and there are two different types of jobs, each needing different information from the app user. One type has 49 columns, most of which are read-only. The app user just takes a picture and signs that the job was completed. The other has 12 columns, 8 of which are for picture capture. Ideally, I’d like to have all jobs shown on the same view/tab but with different functions. | 3:57

Is there a solution to save a record in a table when a record of another table is saved? | 15:34

How do I make an alert to let me know something hasn’t been actioned within 2 days? | 16:13

Is it possible to visualize a heatmap using addresses from a lead tracking app? | 23:04

I have four distribution centers and I have 700 different products. I’d like the DC supervisors to register all the entries and exits of materials (using the barcode) and immediately affect the level of stock in the corresponding DC, so my sales team and I can have a real time view of the level of stock. Where should the mathematical calculations take place? On virtual columns? The column structure? Inside the spreadsheet (Drive)?| 27:48

Can AppSheet be made to be Google Cast compatible so it can display with ChromeCast? | 34:45

Can you change the download link name displayed for PDFs in a report? Also, is it possible to show an image of the PDF in the report instead of just a download link? | 36:29

Does AppSheet have offline functionality so that a user can complete a form without the need for network/data connection prior to loading the form and when saving the completed form? Does it have the ability to upload the data once a connection is made? | 41:00

Can you please explain further the interactive mode on the dashboard view? I have a dashboard view with 2 views, each representing a different slice from the same table. Currently, clicking into the rows on the dashboard view does nothing, even after I tied an action to the behavior (row selected) of both views. | 43:57

[interactive dashboards]

What if my DC supervisor receives a truck of 500 pcs of product ACME123. I visualize him scanning just one barcode and then manually adding the number of pieces (500), then sync and update the stock of ACME123 . The option you mentioned is based on the difference on related rows and each row is one “scan” and having to scan 500 barcodes is complicated due to the packing of some products. (Follow-up to 5th question) | 47:57

I have a table of Account Managers. Each support one or more Customers. How would I allow a customer to enter their email address in a form, and then display the correct Deck view for the assigned Account Manager? I can return the contact data using lookups, but want to display the very nice Deck view for the contact record. | 49:38

Can you convert a time to a decimal? I have a duration column calculated from an “in” and “out” time column. I want a virtual column that converts the duration to a decimal. Eg: convert 2:30:00 to 2.5. In Excel I would multiply the duration by 24, but AppSheet doesn’t seem to allow me to do this. | 54:05

Just as there is an image control that allows you to take a picture or upload an image, when do you implement the same with sound that allows you to take an audio note or upload an audio file? | 56:59

Can you control size of an image that shows up in a PDF report? Images are taken from an Image column. | 58:00

My notification doesn’t work - I only get it when I test it. How do I resolve this? | 59:48

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