hello everyone can help me I need to create a...

(cesar salgado) #1

hello everyone can help me I need to create a custom ID ADI001, ADI002, ADI003 … HOW CAN I DO IT?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Do you have more than one app user?

(Tony Fader) #3

@cesar_salgado You can’t have sequential key column values in AppSheet. See this article for why: help.appsheet.com - Sequential Keys Sequential Keys help.appsheet.com

(cesar salgado) #4

@Aleksi_AlkioThere are several users

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Then… as Tony replied, it won’t work.

(Stephen Mattison) #6

@cesar_salgado The formula below is how I generate my IDs.

I put it in Initial Value and give it an ISBLANK() Editable_If formula.

It’s no where near as Random as UNIQUEID(), but it gives me the very useful ID Prefix that I want.

I usually use 2 columns for my Key anyway, giving me a very unique “_ComputedKey” which works great for me because when the app strings all my IDs together, I can see that, for example, Photo P574849 came from Job J456778, and Customer C432121 and Invoice I345667.

With this kind of set up, maybe you wouldn’t need sequential numbers. CONCATENATE(“AD”,RANDBETWEEN(1000000,9999999))