Hello Everyone, I am building an app to sync...

(Niket) #1

Hello Everyone,

I am building an app to sync salesforce data with app sheet.

I am trying to upsert an object data based on the external id of the record instead of row id (salesforce id). But unable to achieve this.

For example - test_object__c object has a unique external id field called id__c. Suppose a record has a value 123 in it. In appsheet, i am marking this id field as key and using a qr code scanner to read the corresponding name value of the record. Qr scanner is successfully able to read the value in appsheet, but unable to sync to salesforce as it is by default expectimg row id and not the custom id value (which is being sent to salesforce).

From appsheet, i want to send this record to saleforce for update based on the id field which can be referred as test_object__r.id__c.

Can someone please assit how can i do this?

Appreciate your help!

Thanks Niket

(Steven Coile) #2

I don’t think you can change what Salesforce wants: if it wants the Salesforce ID to be key, that’s what you need to use as key.