Hello everyone! I am having two problems with...

(Martín Todorovich) #1

Hello everyone! I am having two problems with my app:

The first problem is that column [COUNT PRODUCTO] on table “PRODUCTOS VENDIDOS” has an app formula that only calculates the result once the form is submitted and the app manually synced. I need the formula to show the result

when working on the form since on this result depends other columns validations.

The second one is that on table “ING. MERCADERIA 3”, view: “ING. MERCADERIA 3 View y Form Adds”, the column [NUO] is not opening the camera automatically to scan a bar code. Advance forms automatically function is enable, yes.

Account ID: 400793 App: OFIEntregas-400793

Could you pleas help me?


(Kirk Masden) #2

Hi @Martin_Todorovich!

I’m just another user.

I don’t know the answer to your second question but I think you need a “virtual column” (a column that’s not in your spreadsheet but is only in your app) to solve the first problem you mentioned.

The virtual column should do the calculation instantly.

You can find more explanation here:


(Martín Todorovich) #3

Hello @Kirk_Masden, thanks for you input! =). It is indeed a virtual column. =(

(Kirk Masden) #4

Oh, I see.

Actually, I’ve had similar problems.

So you want the virtual column to count all of the data in another column in the table in real time, right?

Unfortunately, I guess I don’t know the answer after all.

(Kirk Masden) #5

Some calculations get done instantly and others don’t.

My experience with this is that it can be a difficult question.

(Tony Fader) #6

@Martin_Todorovich Virtual columns will only be recomputed if the row itself has changed or a row related via a ref column has changed.

For your second issue, it looks like Aleksi is looking at that in another thread.

(Martín Todorovich) #7

Hello? Could someone from appsheet please answer? @tony?

(Tony Fader) #8

@Martin_Todorovich It looks like the app you’re talking about doesn’t exist. Can you link me to one that does? Also, please provide me with the device OS/version that you’re using. Also, is it okay if I try to create example rows in your app?

(Martín Todorovich) #9

@tony Hello, sory for the delay. The Account ID is: 281324 The app is: OFIEntregas-400793-281324.

The first problem is solved. The one with the [NUO] not opening the camera automatically is still not working. Here’s some more info:

When I trigger the action “GO TO ING MERCADERIA 3”, the NUO field opens the camera automatically.

But when I save the form “ING. MERCADERIA 3 View y Form Adds”, which is set to trigger the action “GO TO ING. 3 and complete + SET FECHA” when saved, every column in the new view is filled correctly but the [NUO] column won’t open the camera automatically to scan de bar-code.

I’ve been trying to solve this on my own for a long time now and didn’t have any luck. Could you please give me a hand?

Thanks! =)