Hello everyone, I am new in the community of...

(Sergey Vichev) #1

Hello everyone,

I am new in the community of Appsheet, but I see it is quite a big one - it’s great!

My question: do I understand correctly, that if I want to create an app from my account (using Google spreadsheets as data) and deploy it for someone else, say for 2 users, then by default I will have access to all data that will be generated by that app in the future?

Is there any way for the app creator to limit his access to the data in the app at some point of time. For example sometimes the ‘Customer’ data could be more sensitive. I saw that there is option with “private tables” but this can limit the app functionality if the “customer” is a reference table.

Second part of the question if the Spreadsheet is owned by another user, should he share his file first or is there any other way for AppSheet to request access to it? Were can I see more information about this issue?

Hope my questions were clear and thank you in advance.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

The first assumption is correct. You can limit creator’s access with private tables. Other than that, it won’t work because the creator can control everything else from the app editor.

Yes you need to share the sheet first so the app is able to use it.

(Sergey Vichev) #3

Thank you, Aleksi!