Hello everyone, I have an app where I have t...

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Hello everyone,

I have an app where I have three different checklist all linked to one another (so when you answered to the first form for a given “Tank n°” , you have the possibility to answer the second form for this “Tank n°” and when you finish the second form you can answer to the final form). Each checklist has its own sheet/table. I have created a WORKFLOW such that when the last checklist is filled it immedialtly send an email with the answers to each checklist (so it reacts to ADDS_ONLY of the third checklist) My problem is that I only want to have the data of the specific “Tank n°” and when I receive the mail I have the answers to the checklists of all the different “Tank n°” I have done. Could you tell me which expression I should use in my email template to fix this problem? Here below in comment you can find my template. Thanks for your help

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Here is my template for the mail

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Are all tables on your template working in the same way or just the “last” one?

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They are all working on the same way, but the questions from each table are different. The key from the first sheet is the concatenation of the “tank n°” and the “Date” and permits to select this specific “tank n° + date” to realize the next inspection from the next checklist.

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Sorry… I didn’t mean that. I was thinking are all these tables acting the same way… you will receive all the data for all tables?

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Oh OK, Yes I am receiving the data for tank n°1 and the answers for checklist 1, 2 and 3; and then the data for isotank n°2 and answers for checklist 1, 2 and 3 and so on…

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So… none of your tables are working correctly?

(Stagista Perox-ext) #8

My tables are working correctly since I have the report for each “Tank n°” with all the different checklists completed for this tank, but the problem is that I am receiving in the report, the report for each isotank, while I only want my report to contain the one that was just completed. Hence I don’t know which formula I should put in my mail to make sure to have only the row for this specific tank.