Hello everyone! I need a little help here: I...

(Martin Todorovich) #1

Hello everyone! I need a little help here:

I have a workflowrule named “Enviar platos del día a todos” which needs to fire an email to all clients (this is currently working), with all the rows of table “Platos del día” (this is not working) The google doc template I’m using is this one: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15sxHKbPJxc759IMfvPtexAMb04KId0XGKasGRyo2DTk/edit I need the expression “Start:” to order the columns as listed on the google doc’s table ( [PLATO],[PESO],[PRECIO],[DESCRIPCION])

When I test the workflow and send the email,

instead of receiving the doc template, I receive this:


Does anyone know what am I doing wrong?

The name of the app is: “Mamina Public”


(Philip Garrett) #2


The first problem I see is that both the <> expression and <<[Plato]>> column reference should be in the “Plato” column. The <> expression should immediately be followed by <<[Plato]>>.

The left most table column, that is the unlabelled one with the > expression, should be eliminated.

(Martin Todorovich) #3

I see! Thanks. The unnamed column is where the picture of [FOTO 1] should go.

How do you suggest the expression should be?

(Philip Garrett) #4


Glad it worked for you.

(Philip Garrett) #5


In that case, put the <> expression and <<[FOTO ]>> in the first column.

To display all of the records in the table use a Start expression like:


For example, if the table name is “Orders” and that table’s key is “Order Id” then specify:

<<Start:Orders[Order Id]>>

(Martin Todorovich) #6

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Okay, but the columns on my doc template are in different order than the columns on my app, in fact I don’t need to email all the columns. Can you please write down the whole expression for me? I don’t get it, i’m sory! =(

(Philip Garrett) #7


You have done the columns correctly. The columns will be displayed in the order you specify in the template. The order of the columns in the table does not need to match the order of the columns in the template.

(Martin Todorovich) #8

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh I am sorry, nothing is showing up. Could you please provide the correct expression? Thanks

(Philip Garrett) #9

Please provide: 1. Your account id 2. The app name 3. The Rule name

(Martin Todorovich) #10


Account ID: 400793 App name: Mamina Rule name: Enviar platos del día a todos

Thanks! =) Translate

(Philip Garrett) #11

<<Start:Platos del día[PLATO]>><<[Plato]>>

(Martin Todorovich) #12

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thankyou Phillip, that solved the problem. Thanks and until next time.