Hello everyone! I'm at my first try using Ap...

(Fab Man) #1

Hello everyone!

I’m at my first try using AppSheet. Studying every project and tutorial I prepared a Google Sheet table with the required table sheets, every table have a relation by ID that is an eight chars alphanumeric unique ID. Then I linked every foreign key in tables with the corresponding ‘primary’ key in related table. I didn’t like much to repeat entire text fields in every table, so I thought it could be simple to create virtual fields

or anyway to display linked fields in related table, but until now I’m stuck with fails and trials without any success. The problem I was not able to find tutorials that face up with a full related database made of random 8 characters unique keys and foreign keys and can wiew or edit related fields. Can anyone help me? Thank you!

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Check out this article about Dereferencing; in other words ability to access and display those fields from related tables via their foriegn key in the referring table:

intercom.help - Dereference Expressions Dereference Expressions intercom.help