Hello everyone! Is there a way I can get a pr...

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Hello everyone! Is there a way I can get a printout of a particular gSheet through AppSheet directly?


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Steve is correct. However you can create an AppSheet Report that displays the contents of the Google Sheet. The advantage of using a Report is that you can format the data in a pleasing way. You can then create an email that includes the Report as a PDF attachment. Finally, you can archive the PDF Report for later access.


Hi @Malaka_Jayawardene You can also download a csv of your data.

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Thank you for your responses.+Steve Coile @Philip_Garrett_Appsh @Lynn

I’ve created a form in the AppSheet that populates data on to the gSheet. I was wondering whether there’s a way for the user to directly obtain a printout of that gSheet through the app itself. Can the user download the CSV in the same appearance as the gSheet so that the user can then print it out? I would like to get the printout in the landscape orientation. Could you help me out? Thanks!

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@Lynn I tried to create a ‘Behaviour’ action - ‘Export this view to a CSV file’, but it resulted in showing just an empty page. What am I doing wrong here?

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@Lynn I tried creating a CSV through ‘Behaviour’ actions. When I test it out in the desktop version, it gets downloaded in to the download folder and can be opened in excel or numbers apps. But when I try that on the mobile app, it shows the CSV and has this share like button on the top right hand corner, but when I tap on it, it opens up a webpage in AppSheet.com which remains blank and it seems I can’t download that on to the phone to open through excel or numbers app on the phone. Any idea why that happens?

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Although on the iPad, it shows up and allows me to open the sheet through excel or numbers apps. My only issue is that the app is mainly intended for the phone and in the phone it doesn’t work.