Hello everyone. It is the first time that I m...

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Hello everyone. It is the first time that I make a query. I appreciate the help

I have a field that can be modified up to 300 times in a period no longer than 2 minutes. But I’m only interested in the last value, so I just want it to be synchronized only once and not the previous 299 times. How can I do this?

Thank you very much…

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

That is a pattern that we don’t support well. @Adam_Stone_AppSheet and @Philip_Garrett_Appsh FYI.

We currently replay all of these changes because it is possible that there are workflow rules that react to these changes.

However, if you don’t have such rules, it seems we should be able to optimize the sync. Let’s see what Adam and Phil think

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Thanks for the prompt response… What I am trying to do is an accountant signing with an Action. The action is discounted in values of 0.01, the problem is that it could discount up to 300 times, this causes each Action to be replicated. I want to be able to capture only the last modification to be able to synchronize. Thank you very much for the reply.

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@Conrado_Olivera, so it is the same user (an accountant?) making all these changes. Are they navigating in between, or just sitting there clicking the same button repeatedly?

Maybe you could use a QuickEdit instead for that column — it will give you an up/down counter so that you can just hold the down counter until it reaches the desired value.

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The app is to deduct points, the umpire only uses a button to discount points then at the end of the fight with another action button ends. In this moment I want to replicate only the final value and not all the discount points values. The umpire presses the discount button at least 200 or more times in a time not greater than 2 minutes.

Thank you very much for the answers

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That is an interesting use case. Unfortunately we do not support it well. We have to think about how best to support it and how many of our customers want this functionality — this is one of the first times we have come across something like this.

Adding @Adam_Stone_AppSheet and @Sarah_Gould_AppSheet FYI.

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Thanks for the interest. This is the app that I am trying to develop. Currently, a different system is used. I do not know how synconizacion would impact. Since in a tournament you can have 10 rings and in each ring 4 umpires. Thinking about all the complications of connection, wifi or data, I think that synchronizing each update would be very slow for the tournament. The simple idea of being able to modify the current system with an app from a mobile, it is worth continuing to develop. Thanks for your attention ,