Hello everyone! The App Making Fundamentals v...

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Hello everyone! The App Making Fundamentals video from yesterday is posted. We address the following topics and questions in the video:

How to start working with your data in the editor | 11:58

How to use an expression to find the maximum sale each salesperson has made | 24:50

How to combine different views into a dashboard view | 26:24

Would it be better to have an ID column in each table that’s unique or a unique ref from another table that’s used as a key? | 26:57

How to customize how data is displayed within a view | 30:00

How to use format rules to distinguish your app’s look | 40:18

How to use actions to change your app’s behavior | 43:17

An example of generating a report off of data in a form | 45:15

How to use the Broadcast Notifications tab | 54:30

How to integrate AppSheet and Salesforce | 1:01:34

Example Zapier integration | 1:04:31

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(Stefan Ottomanski) #3

A very welcome post

(Thomas Varghese) #4

No more episode numbering ?.. It would have helped in follow up and referencing it later on.

(Thomas Varghese) #5

@Thomas_Varghese maybe fundamental webinar can have a different number starting with say

F and deeper webinar can have another number system…just some suggestions.