Hello everyone! The latest AppSheet Office Ho...

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Hello everyone! The latest AppSheet Office Hours video is now up on YouTube, so you can check out what we covered.

Here are the questions and their corresponding times in the video:

How can I generate a uniqueID which is read-only at creation, so that the user can see it, but can’t modify it? When I set it to read-only, AppSheet raises an error and sets the field back to writable. | 3:39

If I want this uniqueID to only have sequential numbers - what do I do? (Follow-up) | 10:30

If a value is determined by a formula, can it also be a key? (Follow-up) | 11:44

When will barcode functionality be available for white-label mode? | 13:35

I’ve been working on a community question. I’m having issues pulling from a list. For instance, if I want to get the 3rd item in a list, could I do that? | 15:33

Is there a possibility of recording to latitude and longitude without it being displayed to the user? | 17:00

Can the form convert the lat-long data to an actual address? (Follow-up) | 32:50

How do I have different columns shown in the deck view depending on the status of the row? For example, we want each entry shown differently depending on values in the same deck, not a different slice/view. | 36:13

I have two tables, A and B and I need a workflow rule where change in A triggers an update in table B. | 38:53

Is there a way I can have a deep link from one app to another app that goes directly to the key within a view and app? I’m working on an app and I have case #9999 on my detail view. If I click on the deep link, I want to go to another app that has a table with the same key, but the view that comes up first is the same key, case #9999. | 49:01

I have a table with several date fields and for each action, there is a report that runs “on update” where the respective field “is not null”. However, When I set the second and third times stamps, all previous reports run “on update where date is not null”. So, by the time I set the third date, all reports run. Is there another way to restrict that? | 50:20

Is there a way to label a pin on the map so that I can see a short description of the record that I’d like to select? | 52:27

I have an add-on, Mule email merge, and when data is being captured through the AppSheet app, it’s not triggering this add-on’s activity. Why is this happening? | 53:44

Is there a way to more properly control the placement and size of the dashboard panels? | 55:13

I am developing an app that will be offline 95% of the time. In offline mode, the spreadsheet formulas don’t work and this is a problem, because my app needs to get the results of this spreadsheet formula when in offline mode. What should I do? | 56:34

How do you add non data-related pages (static pages)? | 58:05

Is there a system variable that will provide whether the record is in edit mode? For example, if someone else is editing a record, is that information available? | 59:53

Can I adjust the size of my enum value buttons? | 1:01:01

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I like to give two thumps up for your video sessions! Specially also the service that mark up the different sections with a hyperlink, so I can go directly into the segment that I am interested in!