Hello folks, this is a question about an "if,...

(Miranda Lubarsky) #1

Hello folks, this is a question about an “if, then” expression, or at least that’s what I think I need.

I have a seeding schedule that is in table format.

The first two column headers are “Plant” and “Variety”.

Sometimes, a plant doesn’t really have a variety, and what shows is “-”.

The way I have the view of this table set up, sometimes just the variety shows, and therefore, if it displays as “-”, people won’t know what they are looking at.

So, I want to make a rule so that IF the value in the [Variety] column = “-”, it will instead display the value that is in the [Plant] column.

I have been using this expression: =IF(([Variety]="-"), [Plant], [Variety])

I’m not sure which field I should be putting the expression into.


Or Display Name?

And I’ve used this expression thus far which verifies as a good expression in the expression editor, and it Verifies & Saves, but the result that I want does not happen in the app.

The value of the Variety still comes up as “-”.

Advise would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried several different options and have saved/verified several times and this is just eating up way way too much time. Thanks!

(Philip Garrett) #2


You could add a Virtual column and use the expression you wrote as its AppFormula. Then display the value from the Virtual column.