Hello friends. How do I divide into months, ...

(Eduardo dos Santos Cardoso) #1

Hello friends.

How do I divide into months, a quantity of information that is stored in a Google spreadsheet to assemble a chart?

(Simon Robinson) #2

So can display just July 2018 for example?

(Eduardo dos Santos Cardoso) #3


Mr. Robinson, I created a slice to filter out my team’s production as shown in the picture.

But this data is from November (date of app creation) to Today.

I want to share this information in their respective months.

I want the chart to show me: What is november What is december What is January

(Bellave Jayaram) #4

You can create charts for each month by making a slice for each month. For November you can use:

SELECT(Expenses[Amount],MONTH([Date])=11) Or are you wanting a stacked bar chart where all months are shown in the same chart?

(Simon Robinson) #5

Addition to @Bellave_Jayaram you could also use a dashboard to display multiple graphs on on screen.

But it depends on the complexity.

Sometimes I create a table actually in the spreadsheet which Appsheet then reads

(Eduardo dos Santos Cardoso) #6


stacked bar chart where every month is shown on the same chart.

It’s possible ?

(Bellave Jayaram) #7

Have you see this page - help.appsheet.com - Charts: The Essentials

You need to arrange your data as shown in the example on Column/Row Series [Stack}. If your data is not in that structure, then you need to create it using sheet formulas in a separate tab and import that table into the app. Then, you can have multiple months data in the same chart. Charts: The Essentials help.appsheet.com

(Eduardo dos Santos Cardoso) #8


I arranged the data in my spreadsheet. It worked

Thank you