Hello friends, I am almost in goal with my a...

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Hello friends,

I am almost in goal with my app now, just 1 last thing remaining before it works as it should.

I have a maintable (Inspection table) , with a ref to a subtable. The subtable is “Bedroom”, and contains all collums needed for bedroom.

My problem is that when i make an entry from inspections table “Bedroom 1” “Bedroom2” will show. But then when i make a new entry in inspections table, those two will still be there from the prevous entry. Anyone know how i can connect the Inspection entry together with those specific Bedroom Entries?

Here is praveens answer for a solution, but i havnt manage to get it to work properly… I used a Concentate formula with UniqueID and BedroomID (Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, etc) But then when i put in bathroom 2, bathroom 1 no longer showed in the inspections table after.

“So try to get this to work first for just Inspections and Bedrooms. The Bedroom table should have a Ref column (let’s call it Inspection) to the Inspections table. Automatically, each time you add an Inspection, you’ll get the option to add multiple Bedrooms. Each Bedroom row must have a unique key value. I would recommend that you have an Enum column called BedroomId with values Bedroom1, Bedroom2, etc. Then add a composite key for the Bedrooms table that is CONCATENATE([BedroomId], “:”, [Inspection])”

Help is most appriciated :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend!

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Is it possible that you have the reference in a wrong way? Do you have a ref type column in your Bedroom table? And that ref field’s option “ReferencedTableName” is your “Inspection table”?

(Aktar As) #3

I might of have… >:P

The reference to the other table is like this:

The Inspection table has a collum called “Bedroom”. And in the same google sheet i have a sheet tab called Bedroom, thats how it referenced. I dont know if this is correct?

Thank you aleksi for answer.

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I will create a sample so you could find out the structure.

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That would be amazingly amazing if you could… would be very gratefull for that. Thank you Aleksi!!

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It should be in your email

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Thank you Aleksi, i will go trough all of the information and see if i can make it work. This is more than helpfull!!!

Amazing support and help by the Appsheet team. Thank you for the help!

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Okay… the order is not correct. Remove that Bedroom field and add a column InspectionID into the Bedroom table. That would be a ref column to your Inspection table.

(Aktar As) #11

Hmm. i tried that now. And then it doesnt make any connections.

My app is like this;

When i have a checkout of an apartment, i

will check Bathrooms, Kitchen, bedrooms etc.

Each room must have specific collums that i need to check, for example walls, floor, doors, kabinets, lamps, etc. This will vary on what kind of room it is.

For this i have:

I have 1 table named “Inspections” - Here i want all the records for inspections.

Then i have a worksheet that is named

“Bedroom” With all the collums required for me to do a inspection in the bedroom.

Sorry i never worked with this ref collums, and difficult. Thank you for taking time to help Aleksi.

(Aleksi Alkio) #12

What is your app name and account ID? I can check the app if that’s okay for you.

(Aktar As) #13

thank you sir. name is

Bedrift 193436

the tabs are Inspeksjon and Soverom (bedroom)

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May I ask this first… I believe you are inspecting more than just bedrooms. In your Enum field you have Bedroom1, Bedroom2 etc. Would it be possible to add other rooms with the same table so you won’t need to add tables for every type of rooms? Are you able to handdle all types with the same form/fields?

And btw… Norway is not far a way from Finland :wink:

(Aktar As) #15

I need to have different collums for different rooms, because different things i need to check.

My plan was to have 1 main table (Inspection) and then 1 table for bedroom, 1 table for Kitchen, 1 table for livingroom etc… Idk if that is a good idea? That way i can have multiple of each rooms if needed.

Thank you again for answer Aleksi :slight_smile:

(Aleksi Alkio) #16

My idea was that you could just add few options into that Enum list like Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen etc. If that’s not a key column, you can add as many bedrooms as you need. If you group the Inline view, you would see them separately on Inspection detail view. Would it be possible for your workflow?

(Aktar As) #17

But would that make 1 report in the inspection table? The idea was that when you ref a collum, it will give the possibility for “new” entry. But idk if that is possible. maybe same as u suggest? The picture show how i wish it to be, but its currently not functioning, as the entrys in “soverom” would not connect with the main table, and would still be there when i make a new entry in the main table.