Hello friends ! I have posted this before, b...

Hello friends !

I have posted this before, but I will allow myself to insist a little more, I think it is the easiest and quickest way to take advantage of the printing in thermal printers, what do you think?

  1. I have developed a point of sale (app) that works very well but I have a problem with printing, I have ticket printers (thermal) of 3 inches and other 2 inches, have the great advantage of not needing to change ink cartridges ( low maintenance expense). I generate PDF with sales tickets and other PDFs with the cashier and various reports. The intention is to print everything on these printers, but the paper size for these printers, is not defined for the creation of the PDF, which are needed for these two printers … ¨roll paper is 58x210mm¨ and ¨roll paper 80x297¨, There are already several types of paper, I think it’s just a matter of updating these two types more …

What are the chances that PDF can be generated in these two sizes soon?

  1. Another point is that the name of the file that is saved in Google Drive, is the same as the name of the attachment, but it puts a text string followed by the name where year, month day and other numbers are included, to differentiate a saved file from another, in the name of the file I have used a variable that is different for each PDF, is there a way to not put the text year, month day, hour, etcccc?

The above would allow everyone to have the option of using these printers, which would open many possibilities !

what do you think?

Love it! And I would love to learn more about your POS app. Ty!

Hello Efren, I am developing a POS, did you find a way to print the tickets?
Thank you!

yes i am, i generate a workflow output in pdf, and then i use a app in android “RAW BT” is a server print, this app allows me to send the pdf to a printer on the network, also a BT print !, of course my thermal printer is ethernet … in a pc is more easy, you dont need the app for android…

Hi Efren,
I may not have seen your earlier post else I would not have asked for help on same topic.

I have been struggling to create a retail POS for a while. Could you please give me a guide. Same situation - point of sale for retail store to support the inventory management app I have created.
Thank you.

Hello ICSG,
Your above post refers.
Were you able to discover a way to print tickets?
Thank you.

you must to generate pdf file and it will be printed on thermal printer with PC or use an app to print form a movile