Hello guys! I'm having three different issues...

(Martin Todorovich) #1

Hello guys! I’m having three different issues I can’t solve on my own. Could you please help me? Account ID: 400793 App: OFIEntregas-400793

The first problem is that randomly once every other day or maybe if I don’t use the app on my iPhone 7 for a few days, I get logged off and have to login again which is annoying and not deliveryng the app notifications. This problem has happened to me for a long long time now. Once, Praveen Seshadri told me it could be because I had low free space on my device. I was actually lacking of free space by then but now I have more than 5 Gb free and still experiencing the same problem.

Do you know what could be causing this issue?

The second problem is that column [COUNT PRODUCTO] on table “PRODUCTOS VENDIDOS” has an app formula that only calculates the result once the form is submitted and the app manually synced, I need the formula to throw the result

when working on the form since on this result depends other columns validations.

The third one is that on table “ING. MERCADERIA 3”, view: “ING. MERCADERIA 3 View y Form Adds”, the column [NUO] is not opening the camera automatically to scan a bar code.

Could you pleas help me?


Martin! =)

(Tony Fader) #2

@Martin_Todorovich1 (1) As far as we know, this is caused by iOS’s space-saving mechanism that removes some of AppSheet’s state. If your phone has reached the minimum threshold required to clear up space, it may be affected.

(2) Does the formula depend on any columns that have a sheet formula? Sheet formulas require a full sync.

(3) Do you have auto-advance forms turned on?

(Martin Todorovich) #3

Hello @tony!

  1. Do you know how I could verify and adjust that setting? 2) No, there are no sheet formulas at all. 3) Yes, of course

Thanks! =)

(Aleksi Alkio) #4
  1. I’m afraid you don’t have control for that 2) Would you please show us what that app formula is.
(Martin Todorovich) #5
  1. shame! Ok. Thanks! 2) Yes:



Both are virtual columns. [FIND UID3] works perfectly, and [COUNT PRODUCTO] works too but only after submitting the form and syncing the app, I can’t make it work while working on the form.

Thanks! Translate

(Martin Todorovich) #6

Good afternnon @Aleksi_Alkio did you have the chance to take a look at this? I would really need to get it working ASAP.

Thanks! =)

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

May I ask what is the account ID, table and column name so I could check the app?