Hello Guys, what about the Lunch screen? im ...

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Hello Guys,

what about the Lunch screen? im about to whitelable my app but i cant fix the lunch screen problem. its always white, whatever i changed, i only get a white background without any photo until i press the sync button then it appears.

i want to whitelabel my app with a lunch screen, i spent alot of time and im gonna spend money on it, any help?


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Add me as a collaborator and I can check the app quickly. aleksi@1track.com

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@Aleksi_Alkio is it the same (add as


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@Aleksi_Alkio ur in already

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I tried to reproduce the same behavior, but I couldn’t. I tried the app with 3 different devices but they are all working correctly (without blank screen). Have you tried with an another device?

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im using iphone 5, when i lunch the app for the first tim it says: synchronising app (with blank screen) then it changes to Pinda is searching(with blank screen also) the problem accours only when you lunch the app, not with the synchronisation.

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i had 10 devices or more before but i was blocked because im using many devices, so im not installing the app on any other device, i dont wanna be blocked again but also i cant test the app on other devices. i dont know how you did it.

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When launching a whitelabel app from homescreen on Android, I do initially see a brief blank/white screen followed by the syncing/starting the app screen with progress bar, but only a gray background. Subsequent syncs show the custom sync background image.

I think the reason the initial progress bar screen doesn’t show the background is because the background image is defined in the app template, which is the thing being loaded or synced during that initial screen, in other words we have to load the template before we know what image to show on the load screen.

The initial white screen is the place where the AppSheet logo would usually appear. I thought the whitelabel process for iOS lets you replace it with your own logo, but I know on Android the AppSheet branding is just removed. I’m not sure whether there are technical limitations preventing us from showing a custom logo on Android, but even if it can be done I suspect it would not be a quick fix due to the complexity of the whitelabel process. @Brian_Sabino

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@Adam_Stone the same thing on ios im facing now, its really important to load the lunch screen so its seems like a splash screen or startup screen, its not good thing to only show the lunch screen when making sync, i want the user to see the photo when he lunches the app

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Unfortunately I don’t think this is something we can fix in the short-term.