Hello, How can i Order my Columns in a Form ...

(Michael Avenilov) #1


How can i Order my Columns in a Form different from what they are in the Spreadsheet? I tried using Tabs, adding Page x Header with Show property. but seems to work only on first 2 tabs. i need more than 2 tabs…

maybe i need some how reffer the Page x Header to to columns i want to appear uneder the Header ?..

Thank in advance for tips :smiley:

(Reza Raoofi) #2

You could create a Slice with the required order of columns, and build a form view based on that slice.

(Ricardo Gonzalez) #3

I would just rearrange the columns of Google Sheets and regenerate it in AppSheet.

(Michael Avenilov) #4


It worked! Ive created the needed order in a slice and created new view!

Thank you ! :smiley:

(Michael Avenilov) #5


I would love to. the issue is the same worksheet is pulling more data from another source. so mixing the columns will corrupt worksheet’s formulas