Hello, How would I get my format rule to not ...

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Hello, How would I get my format rule to not show in my dropdown list? I have an app for expenses and I want it to show crossed out and a check mark once the balance is $0 for each expense. But when I run the rule it marks the actual expense in the drop-down when adding a new expense. Anyway to prevent that? I believe the reason it’s doing that is because I have the “Initial Value” of “Left” to $0.


Why do you have an Initil value of 0.00?

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Hello, most of the additional added expenses are to track the money. So most of those ones that are added later on are already paid but need to be added into the total. i.e unexpected flat tire when delivering

product - you are going to be paying the fee right then. Making it so you dont have to manually add it everytime. I don’t NEED to have it that way, just easier.


Do you have another column with the actual amount spent in it ? Maybe you could have an action for Paid that changes the [Left] column to $0.00 when it has been paid instead of an initial value.