Hello, I am a teacher at a high school. I a...

(Paul Bartholomew) #1


I am a teacher at a high school.

I am working with a student who is trying to develop an app that will allow teachers to track their students progress in real time during classroom.

We are having a lot of problems getting started.

We tried setting up a spreadsheet in Google Sheets and letting Appsheet produce a starting point App, but it did not seem to work.

We looked a what seemed like a very good YouTube video on how to get started with AppSheet, but it was from 2016 and it seems the AppSheet interface has changed since then.

Does anyone know of a resource that can get our toe in the door?

We are trying to make an app that 1) have students sign in and keeps track of attendance, 2) have UI that allows a student to pick a Red, Green, or Blue color that represents how they are doing on a practice problem, and 3) give a place to ask questions or give feedback

Any help would be very appreciated!

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Hi Paul, here is how I would start… I am going to use the simplest path forward for now.

  1. Create 4

tabs in your google sheet, Students, Attendance, PracticeProblem. 2) Students tab should be created by you Paul – list out all the students in your class. Make sure the student names are unique and use the Student name as the key to that table. 3)

Attendance – This is a transactional record.

At the start of each class, students will use Appsheet to create a new sign in. So you may want to have columns like Date, Time, Student Name, Appsheetid make this a unique Id. 4) The PracticeProblem google sheet should have a Date, ProblemID,

ProblemDescription- this is a table that you create Paul so you keep track of the problems that you set for each class. 5) MyPracticeProblem - this is another transactional table where your students would create a new record for themselves for this class. – Date, PracticeProblem ID, ProblemDescription,

and their assessment of how they are doing - Progress (Good, Some difficulty, Need Some Help) .

If you need more help send me an email at pendermj@gmail.com and I will take a look at your project.


(Paul Bartholomew) #3

Hey Mrs. Ponder,

Thank you so much for the help.

I set up the Google Sheet as you suggested, but have been sidetracked as we are doing state testing (We are in NJ and do PARCC Testing).

I will play around with it next week and get back to you on what I find.

Thank you so much.

Enjoy, Paul Bartholomew

(Mary Jane Pender) #4

Hey, you are welcome Paul.

I am just up in Toronto, Ontario.

Maybe we can do a video conference call and I can walk you through it a little bit.

You have my email address.

Just email me when you are ready to work on the project.