Hello I am new here so still trying to get th...

(Kunle David) #1

Hello I am new here so still trying to get the hang of the app builder. I have just built the front end form from my excel data source. But as I populate the forms I expect the source data to be populated, but its not populating.

What am I doing wrong or its not populating cause its a sample app? Please help

(Reza Raoofi) #2

I would suggest to go to Data > Tables page in the app builder, open the more settings section for your table and verify that the Source and Worksheet parameters are set properly and referring to the correct spreadsheet. The screenshots on this article would help to find those parameters: https://help.appsheet.com/data/tables/tables-the-essentials

You can also quickly view the table’s data as shown on the link below to find out if your app is connected to right spreadsheet: http://help.appsheet.com/app-design/spreadsheet-design/working-with-a-spreadsheet-and-the-editor http://help.appsheet.com/app-design/spreadsheet-design/working-with-a-spreadsheet-and-the-editor