Hello I am new to appsheet. I have a problem ...

(Matthew Tang) #1

Hello I am new to appsheet. I have a problem here with dropdowns and google spreadsheet updates.

I have a spreadsheet (name as “info”) with, say, 3 columns: Number, name, age. There are 5 datasets already filled in this spreadsheet. I used the 3 columns to create dependent dropdowns in my app and it works pretty well. I have one more option (Y/N) for the user to key it so that the app would be like an app for user to respond to invitations, and their responses are stored in another spreadsheet (name as “response”)

However, if there are new users (besides those 5 already filled in the “info” spreadsheet), I would like to allow users to enter their info into my ‘info" spreadsheet. Since I am storing the users’ response in the “response” worksheet, is it possible to let users to enter new info to update my “info” spreadsheet, instead of adding them into the " response" spreadsheet?


Best, Matt

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Did I understand this correctly… If the user hasn’t filled the “Info” form, he/she needs to do that before filling the “Response” form?

(Matthew Tang) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks for your reply Aleksi! Yes you are right!

My idea is that all user will just need to fill in the “Response” form, where there are already the old user info for them to choose. Only when there is a new user, s/he will be diverted to add their info to the “info” form before they fill in the “response” form.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

The first question you would need to think/decide… how many users you will have and what would be the correct plan. Have you thought that already?

If you add new data into the table, you don’t need to regenerate the table structure. You only need to do that if you add or remove fields from that table.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Do they need to sign in?

(Matthew Tang) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio No they don’t need to. I hope this app would be simple enough so that (1) Old users can find their information already in the dropdowns, but (2) new users need to fill in their information before they reply to the “response”.

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

Are you filling the same table with these two forms?

(Matthew Tang) #8

@Aleksi_Alkio Yes they will be filling the same table with these two forms.

(Aleksi Alkio) #9

The problem is this… because you don’t know who the user is, you don’t know what to do. If you would use the authentication, you would know who the user is and you could show just the “info” form.

(Matthew Tang) #10

@Aleksi_Alkio But what about if they are new users, where my “info” form does not their record in advance?

(Aleksi Alkio) #11

You have the option “Allow all signed-in users” and then you can read who the user is and if that user doesn’t have registered yet, you can show just the “Info” form.

(Matthew Tang) #12

@Aleksi_Alkio I see. Does that mean I need to write two app…? Also, from I am experiencing from appsheet so far, if I have added new data into the “info” form, I need to manually click “regenerate” function in the data->Column setting. If new users add new info onto the “info” form, is there any setting that appsheet will automatically regenerate the “response” form so that the users can choose their info from the app?