Hello - I am somewhat new, and basic. I had ...

(Pratheep Sevanthinathan) #1

Hello - I am somewhat new, and basic.

I had great appsheet developers create my app, but am stumped on an update I am trying to do.

How do I get an expression to return a two decimal price?

I have the following expression that returns a number with a large number of decimals:

SELECT(Medical Costs[Medical Bill Cost], [CaseID]=[_THISROW].[CaseID]))

Thank you in advance

(Craig Clancy) #2

I’m pretty new too.

Have you tried Decimal as the Column Type definition?

(Pratheep Sevanthinathan) #3

@Craig_Clancy Thanks.

I am actually using this expression in the “display name” for the column.

The column itself has to be a list.


(Reza Raoofi) #4

You could change the column type for [Medical Bill Cost] to price in table’s column structure; price has 2 decimal digit by default. Also you could reduce the existing decimal numbers by editing the column definition.

(Pratheep Sevanthinathan) #5

Thanks all.

I think I figured it out.

I changed the reference to an existing virtual column instead of using that “Select” expression.