Hello. I am still in prototype mode and wonde...

(Harrison Diep) #1

Hello. I am still in prototype mode and wondering why for “OTHER ATTACHMENT” section I tried to add more than 4 column fields and can’t do it. I am able more.

I was able to get 2 columns I designated as signatures and wanted 2 more for CUSTOMER NAMES and unsuccessful. Is it restricted to just 2 attachments?

(Philip Garrett) #2


Are you clicking the + sign below “Other Attachments” and entering one attachment file name per line?

(Harrison Diep) #3

yes. i am able to add 2 but once i go to 3 or 4 (individual lines for each) it doesn’t send an email notification so that led me to believe that only 2 was able since with them I do get an email notification indicating a change and with those information present

(Philip Garrett) #4


What do you see in the Audit History? Look for that workflow rule in the Audit History. It is very likely to tell you what is happening.

(Harrison Diep) #5

basically im trying to have a form that a field employee fills when seeing a patient and the info will spit out info that has disclaimer text and want the data of the employee include the customer name, a employee name and signature, and patient name and signature to be on that form and email it to our email to print and submit to our customer for billing and on google drive

(Philip Garrett) #6


Can you explain what you are trying to do more clearly?

The “Other Attachments” feature is meant to allow you to include entire files that contain images, Word Documents, Excel worksheets, and the like to accompany an email message.

The only field value you would ever include in “Other Attachments” is if you have “File” type columns in your record that contain the names of images, Word Docs, Excel Docs, etc.

If you are trying to construct an email with specific text and data values from your table records, you want to use an Email template.

(Harrison Diep) #7

Is there a way to print out the data form that the field employee enters out to a PDF in “letter” format and auto emailed to us? (I just added a text disclaimer on the form with this necessary data) instead of trying workflow

(Philip Garrett) #8


The only way I know of to generate a PDF and to email it, is to use workflow. In fact, that is the primary way workflow is used.