Hello, I am trying to create a result sheet ...

(Eric) #1


I am trying to create a result sheet which displays student test results.

At the moment, I have a table called “Students”, which has a column called “Student Name” and holds a row for every student.

I also have a table called “Registers” which has a number of different rows. 3 of these rows are: “Student Name” , “Maths Test” , “Maths Result”

An entry for this register would look something

like this: John,

Maths Test 2, 80%

For the results sheet, I would like to create another table in my app called “Maths”. This will be a read-only table which has 3 columns. These are:

  1. “Student Name” - Example: John 2. “Maths Test” - Example: Maths Test 2 3. “Maths Result” - Example: 80%

Essentially, when an entry is made in the “Registers” table, I want the app to copy the “Student Name”,

“Maths Test” and “Maths Result” information from that entry, and paste it into the “Maths” table.

For example:

“Registers” Table Student Name:

James Maths Test: Maths Test 5 Maths Result: 72%

“Maths” Table Student Name: James (Read-only) Maths Test: Maths Test 5 (Read-only) Maths Result: 72% (Read-only)

A new row would be added to the “Maths” table every time an entry is made for the “Registers” table. How would I be able to achieve this? Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

(Steven Coile) #2

Not possible, but there may be other alternatives. What, specifically, are you trying to accomplish with the separate “read-only” Maths table?

(Eric) #3

+Steve Coile I would like the table to display all of the recorded test results for each particular student.

The “Registers” table has entries of many different students and has several different rows.

I would like to take only the maths results from all entries and neatly pile them into rows under the according student.

It would also be very beneficial if this game in the form of a Google Sheet document so that I could then use that information in excel.

(Steven Coile) #4

You could easily use a slice (Data > Slices) to produce a narrowed (read-only) view of the Registers table. Within the app, this a better approach than attempting to replicate data across tables.

Curious why you’re using Google Sheets if you’d prefer Excel. You’re aware you can use Excel with AppSheet directly?

To accomplish what you want within your spreadsheet, I think you’d be better off doing it there rather than with AppSheet. Have AppSheet manage the Registers table and use a slice to provide a Maths view. In your spreadsheet, make a Maths worksheet that AppSheet doesn’t use, and use spreadsheet formulas to reproduce the desired columns from the Registers worksheet.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

@Eric Have you tought to use references between these two tables? The Student could be parent record and Results as child record. You could then have as many Results records as needed for one student and no need to copy any records. Check this article… help.appsheet.com - References Between Tables References Between Tables help.appsheet.com