Hello, I am trying to create two different f...

(Carlos Rivera) #1


I am trying to create two different forms views coming from the same table. This table contains user details (name, email, phone number, current event, and checkin status).

I am trying to create one form view where a user can fill in their status, if they want to checkin to an event by selecting yes/no.

The second form view will be where a user can update their name, phone number, etc.

Any thoughts on how to go about doing this or how to structure my data table? As always, many thanks!

(Fernando López) #2

You can create 2 different slices with the required data, then create 2 form views referencing to those slices, and finally create 2 action buttons to call the forms using LINKTOFORM OR LINKTOROW

(Carlos Rivera) #3


thanks! Can I also apply security to slices?

(Fernando López) #4


(Steven Coile) #5

To clarify @Fernando_Lopez’s assertion: security filters are applied to tables, not slices. You can apply security filters to the table used by the slices, but not to the slices themselves.