Hello, I am trying to develop an application ...


Hello, I am trying to develop an application that needs to identify the user device along to users ID, for example UserEmail()+device unique ID. The app is for remote attendance where staff working in the field should register there attendance according to their time/current

coordinates. If it was only for the UserEmail(), any other staff may log in with another staff Emails “that did not attend that day” to register their “fake” attendance. We are trying to find a way to identify the device ID along to the useremail(). Acquiring IMEI or device serial number

would be quite helpful. Is there any expression or a way to do so?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Unfortunately we can’t read IMEI or serial number. But I’m little bit confused why the USEREMAIL() wouldn’t be enough. If you read it with the app and you hide that field or not editable, how the other person can fake it?

(Stephen Mattison) #3

You should also grab a GPS & Timestamp.


useremail() is good and it was already set to be required and hidden. Moreover, timestamp and GPS are also logged and set to read_only. My concern however, is that since this app is for attendance time calculation in remote sites, thus implicate on salary. There might be a risk that absent users may accept to give their email credentials to others to register there attendance with different device. They may of course may give outtheir original devices during absence, but this would be more difficult to happen. I just though of putting one security step with this Unique hardware device stamp. I Hope Appsheet develop a solution.

(Stephen Mattison) #5


Well if the people could be that sketchy/dishonest, you could add a required photo of them standing in the location.

You might have to fire everyone and start over!