Hello :) I am trying to make a formula for c...

(Aktar As) #1

Hello :slight_smile:

I am trying to make a formula for counting down a number when i make an entry in a sheet. Anyone know a good solution for this?

I need it to take a number i choose, or a static from one collumn , and then take - (minus) the number added in a specific column in the sheet.

So when entry Column A = 50 pieces static, , Column B= -3 pieces , Column C=47 pieces left.

I tried following the Stock example app, but i had problems the formulas not showing in the “under the hood”… i dont know why…

Thanks guys! Enjoy summer !

(Grant Stead) #2

I’m assuming that you’ve tried this… In Col_C an app formula. [Col_A]+[Col_B]

(Aktar As) #3

I tried… it didnt work, but i will try again. I thought it was me thinking wrong. But i need it for the next entry to count from 47 and down until it reaches zero. Is that possible?

(Grant Stead) #4

@Aktar_As not sure if your column is setup correctly…

But, for standard warehouse stuck approach. You would have one table for the products, and another table for their stock. The stock table records would basically have a toggle for add or remove… You sum up all the adds, and subtract the sum of all the removal records… For your total stock on the product table.