Hello, I am using a hyperlink on a pdf workf...


I am using a hyperlink on a pdf workflow report to link to the app from the PDF. I am having trouble though because this is going to be done on a phone and it would be better for the app to be opened instead of logging in on the mobile browser. Any Thoughts?

You can link directly to the app, though it’s not well documented.

The basic structure is as follows appsheet://app?appGuid=781267c7-6677-43a3-98f3-dce9a90a7e3a#appName=USNationalParks2-90741&page=slideshow&row=Acadia

So the most basic usable link would be appsheet://app?appGuid=YourAppGuid#appName=YourAppName

You can get the appGuid from the fullscreen preview of your app, and the app name from the editor url.

The fullscreen preview can also help you craft the hash (#) portion of the link.

The docs at help.appsheet.com - App Column Type (Deep Link) will have a little more information. App Column Type (Deep Link) help.appsheet.com

Can I get more information on this? Would a URL of this structure be for use within the app, or from outside (as appears to be suggested above)? I wouldn’t expect it to work outside the app because I wouldn’t expect most browsers to be aware of the appsheet application.