Hello! I am using this application but togeth...

(Athena Mo) #1

Hello! I am using this application but together by a developer on app sheets, here. Is there a way to have the “Virtual Current Stock” be view-able within google sheets? I need the current stock levels to be view-able within the sheet. This way we can view the real time inventory number within the sheet without having to view it in the application. Please help! I am not a developer by any means and I have been trying for days to try to make the current stock number view-able within our raw data. Thank you!

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #2

Hi there, Virtual columns are not being written to your spreadsheet. If you want to be able to see a column in the spreadsheet, don’t use a virtual column, add a column with an app formula instead.

(Stephen Mattison) #3

Add another column to your spreadsheet and just have it equal the virtual column.

(Athena Mo) #4

Stephen… what would be the formula for that? Thanks for the responses!

(Athena Mo) #5

@Stephen_Mattison So, I created a new column in my spreadsheet called Current Stock A. I the used the formula “= [Current Stock]” in the app formula section for column “Current Stock A”. The expression is valid but my original spread sheet still does not update with the new stock number :frowning:

(Athena Mo) #6


If you look under the hood of this app, it seems like a virtual column is needed to calculate the current stock amount. I have been messing with this app for days and still can not seem to figure out how to still have a scanning system while having a current stock level column update on the sheet in real time. I am completely new to all this. Could you possibly give me a step by step?


A normal sheet column assigned an AppFormula will only update the formula when an edit occurs and then only in the particular row that’s edited. For something like a total stock summed over all rows, usually it’s better not to compute it in each row as each row then has a different total stock (the value at the time you last edited the row) and you have to find the most recent one to get the correct number.

A virtual column is a better option because these update if a referencing row updates. but this won’t show up in the sheet. So I think a sheet formula is what you want. The problem with sheet formulas is you no longer see the total update in realtime in the app, only after a sync reads the new formula result.

The best option may be to use both. If the app is already working with a virtual column, I would just leave that as it is but add a sheet formula that does the same calculation within the sheet. It could just be marked hidden within the app.

Spreadsheet Formulas help.appsheet.com

(Stephen Mattison) #8


That will not work with the space between = (, but try it without the = altogether.

(Athena Mo) #9

thanks guys! I got it working OMG <3