Hello, I am using this expression =IF(MONTH(N...

(William Stewart) #1

Hello, I am using this expression =IF(MONTH(NOW())>=04,YEAR(NOW())+1,YEAR(NOW())) in order to get the current finanical year, i.e. this would result in 2019. However for it to work I need to use a Number type column, which makes the result 2,019. Can I format to get rid of the comma? - alternatively can I get the same outcome from a pure Date expression? Once I have the number, is it possible to use the output in a date format e.g. 04/01/[Financial Year]?

I would like to

change my select expression so that the year component is automatically set to the appropriate financial year

SUM(Select(Expenses[Expense Total], AND([Date]>=”04/01/[Financial Year]-1”,[Date]<=”03/31/[Financial Year]”,[Expense Type]=”Capital”,[Property Name]=[_THISROW].[Property Name])))

I have also tried this to set a date: =01/04/(IF(MONTH(NOW())>=04,YEAR(NOW())+1,YEAR(NOW()))) Valid but returns 0.

Thank you

(William Stewart) #2

UPDATE: Forgot the basics again! - I just concatenated to get the result I needed! Duh

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

You can remove the thousand separator with the option “ShowThousandsSeparator”.

(William Stewart) #4

Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio I didn’t actually do that but got it sorted to show the date I want. See my more recent post, need to figure out how to use the output of my date VC now.