Hello, I am working on a timekeeping applica...

(Taylor Felt) #1


I am working on a timekeeping application which will be uploaded as a csv file to ADP Workforce.

What I need to happen is when an entry is greater than 8 hours an additional row needs to be added with the difference between the total hours and regular hours (OT hours).

I know this can be accomplished with VBA but I’d like to do it with appsheet if possible… any ideas?

(Simon Robinson) #2

Why do you need another row?

Can’t you just log this in [Over Time Hours]?

(Taylor Felt) #3

its the way ADP requires batch templates to be set up

(Simon Robinson) #4

Can you do it where the first row is where they ‘clock in’.

And the second is their ‘clock off’?

(Taylor Felt) #5

Thanks @Simon_Robinson, I ended up creating multiple buttons with links to forms for the OT / Reg hours form with different conditional values for the situation.