Hello, I am working on AppSheet for the firs...

(Thomas Nadler) #1


I am working on AppSheet for the first time. I’d like to develop an app for my school to help lend books to students.

The books would be provided with a serial number, from which the book title can be derived. For example, all geography books would have “001” at the beginning and depending on the book then another number code or all English books would start with “002”.

It would then be possible for a student to get a book, to enter or scan the code, and then to give an overview of which books a student has borrowed.

I have created a workbook with the three tables “Pupils”, “Books”, “Loaning”. “Student” contains the students’ first and last names and their class. “Books” contains the sequential number and the book title. “Loan” the date of the loan, the name of the student and the book title.

How does it go from here? : D

Thank you for all the tips!

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You could use related table structure where the book would be the parent and loan as a child for the book and student as a child for the loan.

With this structure you could see who and when the book is loaned.

(Syed Faheemuddin) #3

Hi check this out https://www.appsheet.com/portfolio/702142 Syed Faheemuddin - portfolio of mobile apps created with AppSheet appsheet.com

(Thomas Nadler) #4

@Sdfaheemuddin Thanks a lot!

(Thomas Nadler) #5

@Sdfaheemuddin Hi! Can you tell me how to rename columns and / tables without loosing the relationships?