Hello, I believe I've lost a feature I demons...

(Daisy Ramirez) #1

Hello, I believe I’ve lost a feature I demonstrated to a prospect and could use some help recreating the functionality.

Here’s the previous post for quick reference. I’ve reviewed the references, removed all expressions and have not been able to regain the functionality. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. -------------------

Hi everyone, I have a table view where the user grouped by list name. Once a user clicks on the list name, a second screen appears with all the tasks associated with the list and then they click on the task they need to view the detail.

Standard stuff. On the second screen that displays the tasks there is a plus symbol that allows the user to input a new record.

I was excited to see when you input a new record from this second screen it assumes the data for the list you’re in into the appropriate field.

Unfortunately I don’t know how I lost that feature.

I did set initial values for those fields and removed them but no luck - I’m unable to revert to that feature. The list is a ref field in the tasks table that has a select statement. I’ve removed that select statement as well but still no luck.

Any ideas how I can configure this to get back to

this functionality? Is there something that would prevent this default functionality? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Daisy, if you are using multilevel grouping on the Tasks table, this should just work automatically. If you can share the app name and the view in question, we can take a look

(Daisy Ramirez) #3

Thanks for checking this out Praveen:app name is 3rdArm-506404

(Daisy Ramirez) #4

Sorry - the view name is Tasks_List

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

Daisy, this is a bug on our side. Working on a fix.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #6

Daisy, we have a bug fix. It will deploy tomorrow around noon PST. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

(Daisy Ramirez) #7

Thanks Praveen, I’ll standby.

(Daisy Ramirez) #8

RESOLVED: Hi Praveen, I just confirmed functionality. Thank you for turning the fix around quickly.

(Daisy Ramirez) #9

@praveen Sorry Praveen, I believe the issue may still exist. I have another view based on the same table as above, filtered by a slice for a particular list name. When I click on the plus sign to add a new record - it does not default to the list name I’m in.

I’ll standby.