Hello, I have a bluetooth device (Leica Disto...

(Sean Krummrich) #1

Hello, I have a bluetooth device (Leica Disto D2) that I would like to use for inputs of data into appsheet.

I have found very little in the way of an API hook for something like this.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to achieve inputs from bluetooth? Thanks.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2


An AppSheet app cannot connect to mobile devices’ accelerators and/or hardware such as Bluetooth. Unfortunately, right at the moment there’s no chance to use a Bluetooth device data as an input parameter. But there are some topographic survey devices which can post their own survey data to a web portal via WiFi (i.e. Topcon, Bosch, NGSS) where you can retrieve those data from the portal provided the company have a RESTful API service via Google Apps Scripting.