Hello, I have a bulk action that doesn't seem...

(Daisy Ramirez) #1

Hello, I have a bulk action that doesn’t seem to be functioning as expected. I have a task list with an action called “task_delete” - its set to simply change the status to “Deleted” only and does not actually delete (set the value of a column). It has a condition of the following:

AND([completed]=FALSE, USEREMAIL()=[createdBy])

So the action should appear only for the logged in user. I’m providing the user with a filtered table view of tasks that belong to other users [createdBy]'s - but the “Deleted” action still appears on the screen as an option.

In other table views I’ve learned the action will not appear as an option for the user to select if the view doesn’t meet the parameters of the condition in

the action but for some reason it’s not applying that logic here.

Note: I’ve included the [createdBy] field in the slice associated with the view but understand this is not necessarily required based on a post I read here just recently.

What have I missed?

(Daisy Ramirez) #2

RESOLVED: Condition above must be inserted in parent Grouped: execute sequence of actions vs. the child action.