Hello I have a column where I insert the surn...

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Hello I have a column where I insert the surnames of the employees where I use the security filter sometimes it happens to assign the same data to multiple users together (see image (LUCA / SIMONE) there is a way to make the data visualize to a single person when a value of a column changes?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @francesco_cannone,

As you have mentioned , you have

another column. When the value of this column changes, you would like to show the data to only one out of two users mentioned in [RAMPA] column.

Suppose name of this new column is [UserSelect] and possible values are “User 1” and “User 2”.

Then you may wish to create another virtual column titled say [ONE RAMPA] with expression such as

=IF( [UserSelect]=”User 1” , LEFT([RAMPA],FIND("/",[RAMPA])-1), RIGHT([RAMPA],FIND("/",[RAMPA])+1))

The above will select either of the two users in the {RAMPA] column. (The

assumed format of RAMPA column is LUCA / SIMONE)

If there is only one name in [RAMPA]column it will select that name when user selected is “User 1”

Please test is as per your actual text formation of that column and may need little adjustment.

Now please use this [One Rampa] column in your security filter expression that I believe from your previous posts is


Please test it well as you are using this expression in Security filter.

Hope this helps.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar I wanted to thank you for the great help unfortunately it gives me an error when I enter the formula in the security filter maybe I was wrong in something?

Table ‘RIT OPS’ has an invalid security filter '=OR(CONTAINS([ONE RAMPA], LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),RAMPE,EMAIL,UTENTI)), ISBLANK([SBLOCK])) '. The filter expression should only use physical columns of the table.

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Hi @francesco_cannone , Thank you for the update. Can you please create [Rampa One]

as a real column?

(francesco cannone) #5

I tried to do as you say the formula now accepts it the problem is that it does not work I assign the row but none of the 2 CANNONES / MARSILES can see something

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #6

Hi @francesco_cannone,I believe, in your original example there is a space between slash and two names as below


The expression s made accordingly.

Can you please enter [RAMPA] column as cannone / marsili

and not as


If you need it without any space

as cannone/marsili , we will modify the expression.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar Hello I tried to do what you told me but nothing! in practice I do not see any data. shame the idea seemed excellent

(francesco cannone) #8

Hi Suvrutt Gurjar I thank you for the help the formula works fine I have only modified OR with AND. One last thing if I wanted to insert USER up to 5 how should I do? would the formula be too long? thank you

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #9

Hi @francesco_cannone Good to know the formula works.

You wish to add 5 users in [RAMPA] column

cell such as A /B / C / D /


? Yes, that will be a bit complex and longish

expression in current configuration you have.

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How do you think I could solve? always if you can help me

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #11

Hi @francesco_cannone,You may wish to try the following expression in the security filter.This expression eliminates [One Rampa] column. Also please note the [UserSelect] has three options,User 1, User 2 and Both.

However please note that very long

security filter expressions

are not recommended. So you may wish to revisit your user table and two user approach per row to simplify if possible.

Hope this helps.

OR(CONTAINS(IFS( [UserSelect]=”User 1” , LEFT([RAMPA],FIND("/",[RAMPA])-1), [UserSelect]=”User 2” ,RIGHT([RAMPA],FIND("/",[RAMPA])+1), [UserSelect]=”Both” , [Rampa]) , LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),RAMPE,EMAIL,UTENTI)), ISBLANK([SBLOCK]))