Hello, I have a field that asks when an event...

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Hello, I have a field that asks when an event happened, but since it is based on the user’s memory, I made it a Text column so they can write ‘relative’ dates like “6 months ago”. This is so the values will be recorded and displayed ‘as-is’.

However, some of them entered actual dates to the format “mm/dd/yyyy” which made AppSheet display the values as code equivalents (like 1/4/2014 is being displayed as 14610 or something); is there a way to stop this from happening?

P.S. The values stored are still correct - the display is what’s behaving erratically here. It’s making it hard for the users to check their own data.

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Maybe go into the spreadsheet itself, and check that the column in the spreadsheet is formatted as Text–it could be the spreadsheet doing this to you. (?)

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Thank you for your reply. No, the data recorded in the spreadsheet is correct. In the example above, it’s “1/4/2014” in the spreadsheet. It’s AppSheet that’s converting this into a date code.

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Apologies. I did not understand at first what you were trying to say. I thought you wanted me to check if the spreadsheet was recording date codes.

You were right - when I converted the data type from automatic to “plain text”, the display in AppSheet worked.

Thank you!

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Awesome! I have battled similar things in my apps.

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Thank you again!