Hello - I have a list of products sorted by ...

(Megan McD) #1

Hello -

I have a list of products sorted by store and price.

I would like to add conditional formatting to highlight the best price per product.

I can’t figure out what will give me a yes/no answer for the conditional formatting.

I tried the following expression, and it was valid, but it didn’t give a yes/no answer so I couldn’t use it for the conditional formatting.

MINROW(data, price,[product]=[_THISROW])

I tried this expression but it always turned out “no” even when there were two products

AND([product] = [product], [price] < [price])

In the table labeled data there are columns for price and product.

In the app I have the rows grouped by product.

There can be more than one row for the same product sold at different stores, etc.

Any ideas?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Megan_McD, try MINROW(data, price) = [_THISROW].[price]