Hello I have a question about actions , link to row

hello i am trying to edit a existing row (not make a new one) using a action button
LINKTOROW([Work Order],“CM Permits”)

I want to use the work order as a reference so it know what row to edit

What am I doing wrong here ?

Any help will me much appreciated

Btw the action is trying to link to another table

What is this meant to do?


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sorry I am using this
the pic is wrong
LINKTOROW([Work Order],“CM Permits”)

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It’s not clear to me what you want to do or what isn’t working. Does the action button not take you to the desired row? Where does it take you? Are you getting an error? If so, what is the error?

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I want it to open the form view for “CM Permits” and edit the row referenced by [Work Order] number

the the form is empty that it opens I want it to open the fill form (edit the row) and just some values

To open the form view for an existing row, use LINKOROW() and specify the name of the form view, like this:

LINKTOROW(key-column-value, "form-view-name")

For example:

LINKTOROW([Work Order], "CM Permits_Form")

Thanks Steve

I got it working

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