Hello, I have a question about the slices ...

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I have a question about the slices

and the method used for the sync.

1 - I have 4 apps that use the same table : Pacling_details 2 - Each one use a slice of this table depending on the status of the parent table “Packings” (a virtual column in “Packing_Details” With a lookup)

For now I use slices but the basic table is beginning to be quite huge (20k + rows). It does not matter for me the size of the table , as I use Google Clous SQL, it is not restricted.

My question is, at each Sync, the apps must go through all the data right? so more data I have in the basic table, more time it will take ? Or the slice comes before in the server part?

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Instead of slice, I advise you to use Security Filter. Security Filter occurs on AppSheet server side, but slicing occurs on client side which requires all the table data to be downloaded to the device first, then the filtering/slicing occurs within the app itself.

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@Levent_KULACOGLU All right, perfect. Thanks a lot. I was thinking to divide my table in 4 tables with triggers in my server side. But the result would be less effective I think. And more complex :slight_smile:

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Rather than dividing the table into 4 different tables or SQL views, you can use Security Filter for that single table with some effective IFS expression.

Or you can create 4 SQL views under your SQL instance and assign them as seperate tables to your app. Then if needed you can assign Security Filter to those tables as well to drill them down further. This way you may have 2 detailed filtering both on the server side :slight_smile:

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@Levent_KULACOGLU Awsome ! Thanks a lot!

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@Benoit_Gramond you’re welcome, it was my pleasure to help

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@Levent_KULACOGLU By the way, when I split my data, I imagine I have to remake all the formulas? There is no way to just Change the data source of an AppSHeet Table without having to redo all the work done ?